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Steps to remove the bloatware from Lenovo laptops

 Posted by lenovo Support on NOV 17, 2018

If you purchase a Lenovo laptop, you wish it to perform expeditiously. But there are times when your PC starts off slower than how it runs. It might be due to unnecessary clogging in the software. Generally, this is not important that the bloatware could hold danger or space on the hard drive.

Lenovo Technical Support suggests eight steps for bloatware removal

  • Switch on your computer system and complete the preferential by inserting the admin code and the passcode.
  • Go back to your desktop.
  • Move to the window icon on the taskbar and go to the link of a control panel for the window to open.
  • Launch the link of programming and feature. If you have later versions than Windows XP, click on the installed application.
  • Go to the list which contains the programs that are already downloaded. You are required to choose the programs which you want to get eliminated.
  • Drag your program to highlight it and go to the uninstalling link to remove it.
  • Once you are done removing it, go to the remaining party which is about to remove.
  • You may restart it to get rid of entire applications.
  • Download the removal tool from the main site. You must make sure that you have already consulted the correct website to download it to your system.
  • Install the program and run it to completely remove the fragments out of the program.
  • Restart it to get rid of the programs.

In case you are stuck on the aforementioned method and are unable to pluck it out, contact us at Lenovo Customer Support. Even if the issue occurs on weekends, you can contact us as our services are available all throughout the year.

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