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How to fix Lenovo overheating problem?

 Posted by lenovo Support on July 28, 2018

Well overheating in a laptop has become a problem for everyone and you can’t run from it. The user can face this problem on any laptop. Today the main cause of this issue is the designing of the laptop; there is no space where the hot air can pass smoothly, a tiny hole at the bottom of the device which is mainly covered when a user works on their laptop. The problem may also occur when you put too much load on your device. You might ignore that there are many applications which are running in the background of your device like the antivirus which scans the folder automatically and detects the virus when you browse the internet. Overheating in a laptop can also take place over the time when dust particles clog the cooling fan. To solve this issue, you need to frequently clean your laptop and make sure no application is open in the background of your Lenovo Laptop.

  • To fix this bug, you need to pursue some easy steps:
    • To close the running applications:
    • Open you Laptop and search of Task manager in the search box.
    • Click on it and a new window will pop-up click on the process and close the application which you don’t want to run,
    • Select the tab and click on the End Process at the right bottom of the window.
  • To clean the cooling fan:
    • Put your Lenovo laptop upside-down and remove its screw to clean the fan.
    • Make sure you put the screw in a safe place so; you can use them after the end of this process.
    • Now you will need a towel, 3-4 Q-tip to clean the fan and thermal grease and a wooden stick or ice-cream stick.
    • Now remove the old thermal grease by scratching it with a wooden stick; be gentle.
    • And place new thermal grease.
    • Next, tighten all the screw which you remove at the first step and state your device.

If you are unable to do any of this process, feel free to contact Lenovo Technical Support team. The tech squad will help you to solve your issue, you can use our remote service if you find it more complicated. Our engineers will take your device and deliver you after solving the technical glitch in your Lenovo laptop.

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