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How do I restore my Lenovo laptop to factory settings?

 Posted by lenovo Support on August 30, 2018

Viruses devastate the operating system and user will not have any other option rather than formatting their system. Malware and spyware is the most dangerous virus which once enters in your device will destroy your data. The user has to restore their laptop after formatting it. Lenovo laptops are affordable and reliable; you will not face any technical fault and if somehow you encounter with it, you can directly contact Lenovo Technical Support team. It has backhand team which performs immediately after you register your complaint.

Is your Lenovo laptop performing weird things or freezes for few minutes while using? May be there is a virus or outsource file which your device does not allow you to store it. The user has to install a strong antivirus and scan every external device after connecting it with your laptop. So that if your drive has a little scope of virus that will be removed after scanning by your antivirus.

To reset your Lenovo Laptop, you have to be patient; it takes little time to complete the process:

    • Make sure you have transferred you all important files in a hard drive or a pen drive or you can simply create a backup of your data.
    • After this click on restart tab and continue pressing F8 key on a keyboard.
    • This will appear a screen of Advanced Boost Option.
    • In the boost option select Repair your Computer; you can use keyboard key to navigate to the option.
    • Now select your language English or other and click on Next.
    • In the next dialog box, you will find a “Lenovo Factory Image Restore”.
    • Tab to restore window and click next.
    • Next tick the checkbox to reformat your hard drive and restore your system to a factory and hit the Next tab again.

Are you facing any obstacle in your device? Get a free advice from the world’s best technical support squad. You can dial the toll-free number and get the Lenovo Customer Support 1800-431-355 at your home; the experts will make sure that you get the best solution. You can also reach us via virtual chat where you can explain the tech fault in a more detailed way.

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